Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mama Pear Designs Lactivist Apparel Review 30/365

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        This post is long overdue. A few months back, I had the pleasure of "meeting" Lara the owner/ designer of Mama Pear Designs on twitter. My immediate impression of her produced nothing but respect for her passionate desire to share the "lactivist" call with the world. I wrote about her Breastfeeding Blitz a few months back. 
        Mama Pear Desings mission, as described on the website is  "To create breastfeeding awareness and offer support to nursing moms. We know firsthand how wonderful breastfeeding can be, and strive to make others aware of its amazing benefits for moms and babies!" There is a ton of useful information and resources available on the site.
        In addition, Mama Pear Designs offers advocacy gear available for purchase. And the best part is that they do this with stylish apparel for the whole family! Check out the CafePress store that includes items for baby, mom, dad, and also includes gear like totes and water bottles.  If you support breastfeeding and want to get your message out to the public, consider ordering a Mama Pears Design t-shirt! I personally own two and just can't say enough good things about them. Prices on the tees average range from $21.99-27.99 (and don't forget that their is a special each month). The two shirts that I own are pictured below:
"Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom, Healthy Earth."

"Just add baby to (L)activate."

      Both are printed on American Apparel tees and have definitely started up a conversation or two. If you are looking for a great and stylish shirt that also boasts an awesome message, check out Mama Pear Designs, I promise you won't be disappointed! 

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  1. Ohh, I really like the orange one!

  2. I keep meaning to order one of these, but there always seems to be a baby thing I need to buy first. Isn't that always the way?

    I love both of these, and the Proud Mammal Mommy shirt too!

  3. YES! it is ALWAYS the way, Wendy, LOL! I just pitched a new idea to Lara inspired by your bfing post- "Breast feeding- it's not just for 'babies." and then on the back, "Breast milk continues 2 provide substantial amounts of key nutrients well beyond the first year of life, esp protein & fat."