Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Warmth 9/365

Winter Warmth

The winter cold chills my bones-   
the sun's rays are muffled;

Dreaming of spring's first kiss-
of vivid colors and wild things;

Winter warmth comes from brazen fires-
the aroma of fresh coffee brewing;

But the warmest of all-
fresh-cut flowers of Lily White 
that invite my senses to remember the art of Spring. 

My husband came home with the flowers for no reason today and said, "Thanks for working so hard." It meant a lot- especially since my employers consist of two snotty-nosed boys that rarely communicate appreciation. I'm not a winter-lover as some are- I could quite honestly skip it altogether. What about you? Do you have a season that you enjoy more than others? I love spring and fall. 

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