Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Friends 2/365

two friends

robin and jenn have
one set of bangs and
and one head without
four blue eyes
one redhead
one blonde (at the moment)
two smiles
lots of freckles and
one good friendship 

This poem is modeled after "two friends" by Nikki Giovanni. You can find the poem in her children's anthology Spin a Soft Black Song. It's such a fun poem to have children experiment with. I use to have my kindergartners get together in pairs and study each other comparing and contrasting and then I would take their picture together and have them create their own "two friends" poem.I would then display the poem in the hallway along with the photos. This exercise could easily be done at home with siblings as well. 

My lovely friend Jenn is in town from Colorado this week. I so cherish each and every moment we spend together. She's one of those gems that life wouldn't be complete without. We were college roomies so we experienced the first steps of adult life together. No matter how long its been since we talked last, we can always pick up right where we left off. We can finish each others sentences and have the same sense of humor. And best of all, silence isn't awkward, but inviting when we are together- we just "get" each other. What about you- do you have that one friend that really understands you better than the rest of the world?


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