Monday, August 23, 2010

Breastfeeding Blitz

Isn't it amazing that it is acceptable for stores like Victoria's Secret to have huge posters of half-naked young girls with breasts spilling out of their bras on display, stores can display magazines with scantilly clad women on the cover, but a mom covering her breast with her child sparks outrage?!! Ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed a anti-breadtfeeding trend in the news lately? I sure have! A woman recently got kicked out of McDonald's for feeding her infant and another woman was asked to leave court because she was giving her child milk- seriously? Why have we become so "boobaphobic"?
If your sick and tired of women being persecuted for breastfeeding, please consider joining MamaPearDesigns Breastfeeding Blitz. While I'm all for discretion, I believe that a woman has a right (and so do their babies) to breastfeed (or be fed) when needed. I honestly don't know of any woman that is "out to show some skin" when trying to feed her baby. If you feel the same way, check out MamaPear's blog for details on what you can do to help! She's trying to get breastfeeding on as a topic for Oprah's last season. While I'm not a huge Oprah fan, we all know and can admit that she is a very influential woman in our society. MamaPear's blog has a form letter that you can copy and paste to email directly to Oprah.
Let's help change breastfeeding from being a taboo topic to being viewed as a normal, natural, and beautiful part of life.


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