Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Throw Away Your Toys 18/365

        It never ceases to amaze me at the simplicity of what really entertains a child. I am confident that I could throw away all of my boys' toys and they would still find a way to engage in play (play is so intrinsically built into their DNA). And they would probably be the better for it. Using "non-toy" items as play props allows children to use their imagination; foster creativity. The toys of today are often over-the-top sensory stimulating taking away from a child's natural ability to imagine, create, and dream. Good thing it's raining out today, or I just might have packed up the majority of my children's toys and taken them to Goodwill. 
       Exhibit A below is Little Man playing with hangers- seriously, this kept his attention for a good half-hour- way longer than the average "toy" engages him. Do your children have any favorite "non-toys" that they enjoy?


  1. ha ha. i know how you feel. lol.

  2. Hangers rock!! Noah uses one as a bow and arrow, lol! Also they like to get into my utensil drawer and play for a long time "cooking".