Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shop it to Me- a Fun Way to Get Discounts on Designer Clothes

     If you're anything like me, you resolved that you would NEVER leave the house in sweat pants, a ponytail, and without makeup, however, then you actually had children and became a hot mess (at least a few days a week). I'll admit, fashion has taken a backseat to mothering (as it should), however, I've decided that in 2011 I'd like to get dressed at least half of the week- LOL!
     To help me in this endeavor, I've found a great site, Shop it to Me. Shop it to Me is a free personal online shopper that arrives in your email as often as you sign up for (daily, bi-weekly, weekly, etc.). It's so fun and easy! Basically, you just sign up, choose your designers, sizes, interests and then your "SailMail" is delivered to your email with great discounts, promo codes, and specials! To learn more about how it works, click here.
     Usually something this cool is too good to be true, but Shop it to Me is a legit way to find the best deals on designer clothing and accessories all without ever having to leave your house! If your closet could use some sprucing up this year, consider joining. 
     As a final awesome perk, once you join, you can tell others about it and for every 10 people you get to join, you earn a free $10 gift card to an array of retailers (Whole Foods, Old Navy, Gap, etc.). What's better than free?

Disclaimer: If you decide to join by signing up through the link above, you will help me earn points towards a $10 Whole Foods gift card. 

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