Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sandra 20/365


"streets are empty, snow fallin down, cold winds blowin is the only sound. Darkness shares the night with the stars up in the sky, the moon and the clouds are getting ready to fight.., I know I should be sleeping, but I can't close my the painting of winter you created outside. the shadows of the trees seem to cover everything...time stands still just for once, no thoughts of tomorrow, or of days gone by..."

Have I told you how much I love my sister-in-law, Sandra? She's more like a real sister- and has been there for me through thick-and-thin. Although she would never think it, she's an inspiration to all she meets. Her strong Christian testimony despite many hard life trials, including a battle with ulcerative colitis, has served to encourage my heart on many a day. She's the first to offer an encouraging word to any person afflicted, and is the type of loyal friend that would be there for you no matter what! This post is a small token of the appreciation that I have for her life.

Another thing that she will never tell you, is that she's an awesome singer/ songwriter! She has a God-given talent and unique voice that calms my soul. Have I perked your interest yet?! If so, do me a favor and go listen to a sampling of her songs on Facebook. ImperfectMelodies  is sure to brighten your day and encourage your heart :) 

Love you, Sandra! Know that you are being uplifted in prayer at this very moment and by those that read this post! 

Winter is in full force here in Cincy. Sandra took these amazing photos on a recent winter walk :) Also, the first paragraph that started my post are the lyrics to a new song she is writing. 


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