Monday, January 24, 2011

Soldier 24/365


The face of a soldier-
brave and true;
Calm, quiet-
I truly "Thank you."

The face of a soldier-
gentle, yet strong;
bittersweet goodbye-
He says, "It won't be long."

The face of a soldier-
just like me and you; 
I pray every night that-
my Lord will protect you.

My "little" brother deployed for Afghanistan today. My heart is heavy for him as he leaves behind his wife an 8 week-old daughter. My heart breaks for him that he will miss most of her first year- yet he complains not. Like so many brave men and women, he views the military as his duty and is happy to serve. Freedom certainly is NOT free. I have nothing but respect for our armed forces. 

Love you so much, Tommy! Come home to us safe! 


  1. Praying the Lord provides protection for your brother while he is deployed.


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