Monday, January 17, 2011

Cloth Diaper Limerick/ Sweet Pea Diaper Cover Review 17/365


There once was a sweet, tiny boy;
who disposables did annoy;
his bum was so red
that changes he did dread
until cloth made him enjoy!  

Sweet Pea Diaper Cover in Indigo

Diaper Cover pictured above with prefold- very trim!

Sitting down shot- no bunching or gapping! 

LOVE that these diaper covers have gussets

Action shot! Little Man is on the second setting and is 14 mths- 24 lbs; plenty of room to grow!

SItting down shot- again, no gaps or shifting! 

Awesome laundry tab for easy line-drying! 

And this one is just because I love how he's being a ham :)

        I met Nancy, the owner of Sweet Pea Diapers at #MeetSweetPea, an @EcoChicParties twitter party a few months ago. I was instantly drawn to her diaper covers based on affordability and a few unique features. 

       The first thing that I LOVED about Sweet Pea Diaper Covers is that they retail at a very affordable $10.95. Since they are one-sized, that means that you could cloth diaper a child on a budget! I'm actually a pocket lover at heart, but I've been wanting to add some more affordable options to my stash to share with other local mamas that are wanting to start their own stash with limited funds. If you are looking for a thrifty alternative to cloth, consider purchasing 6 or so Sweet Pea Diaper Covers along with a dozen or two prefolds , and you could have a starter stash for under $200 (the amount of diaper covers and prefolds of course would depend on the age of your child as well as how often you would like to wash- please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk cloth or have any questions). And just b/c the diaper cover is affordable, doesn't mean that the quality is compromised! Of all the one-size diaper covers that I own, the Sweet Pea is the most affordable while still being of high-quality. 
       Pictured above on Little Man, is the Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Cover in Indigo with snap enclosures along with a Bummis (toddler-sized) Indian Prefold (tri-folded). The fit, is super trim which I feel is extra important now that Little Man is up and running around - who wants a bowling ball between their active little legs? In addition, the Sweet Pea has inner-gussets to provide extra protection from blow-outs and leaks, how cool is that? 
       The final unique feature of the Sweet Pea Cover is the laundry tab- the little white loop is a simple yet brilliant added feature to make line drying even more convenient.
      So in review, if you are a thrifty mama looking to start a diaper stash while on a budget, or a current fitted or prefold mama looking for a new and innovative cover, then I think the Sweet Pea Diaper Cover is for you! It's a snap closured, one-sized cover with bonus features of inner gussets and laundry drying tab that is sure to please both your pocket book and your aesthetic side (go check out the fun colors available here).
       Sweet Pea Diapers have been described as the, "Most competitively priced multifunctional cloth diapers on the market." Now I know from first-hand experience that that is true! Make sure to check Sweet Pea out on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for more information. 

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