Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who am I as a Woman in Christ? A 30-Day Shred Prayer Journey

            So my personal 12 New Things goal for September is to start having a consistent quiet time with God. Yes, I confess that this has been a challenge for me since Titus was born (and he's almost 11 months now).  Titus is a very attached child which is awesome, but can also be admittingly exhausting so "fitting-in" my personal Bible study and devotions has fell by the wayside. I know "good" Christians don't "fit God in" they build their foundation on Him, it just seems that this season in my life has brought many stumbling blocks to that precious and important time. So today, September 1, I am making a commitment to get back into the Word and grow in relationship with my Savior; not because I have to, but because I so desperately need Him and my soul longs for His company. To put it not-so-eloquently- I suck without HIM.

          Anyone want to join me on this journey? I'm calling it my  30 Day Shred. I'm committing to both working out physically and spiritually. Not only am I hoping to shred some pounds, but more importantly, I'm longing to shred my flesh and increase in HIM. A few years ago, God laid a study on my heart and I wrote it out, but never actually completed the journey. The other day when I was cleaning, I found it, and again I felt a pull to embark on this journey with God. It's a super simple format- just one verse a day with 2 questions and a prayer space. Anyone up for the challenge of "shredding" with me? Workout wise I will be doing Jillian Michael's Shred DVD, Pilates, and/or running (feel free to do whatever exercise you want) and devotionally, I will be posting a "Life Verse" per day along with the two main questions. I DARE you to join me :) Comment below if you are joining the  30 Day Shred so that I can be praying for you :)

         The Day 1 devotion will be in the next post!


  1. I am up for it. I have been working on those 2 areas as well. So it would be great to have a partner;)

  2. AWESOME! I will be praying for you, Brandy! I prob won't be able to post the new devotion for each day until the evening when the kiddos are in bed, but I will prob post it that night and do it the nest morning and try to share some thoughts :)