Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diary of a Wetbag

          Hi! I'm Goldie, the large wetbag designed by BumEssentials ClothDiapers. Those Bumbino diapers are always getting ALL of the attention, so I'd figure I'd share my story with you.

           I first arrived at the Sayers' residence on August 23, 2010 all nice and cozy wrapped in plastic. I was quickly removed and placed in the washer along with those Bumbinos. A few tablespoons of Rockin'Green soap and a hot wash -cold rinse later, I was found staring into the wide-eyes of my new owner (I'm not TOTALLY sure, but I think she fell in love with me based on the starry-look in her eyes).
Notice I'm to the left in this picture :)

          Next, I was placed on a 30-gallon black trash can to await my first dirty diaper... The owner was observed from time to time with her nose sniffing close to me, always followed by a goofy grin...

          When I reached my full capacity (about 20 or so diapers), the lid of the trash can was removed, my drawstring was pulled, and off to the laundry room I went. My owner placed the drawstring over her shoulder and easily carried me down to the basement to be cleaned. Dirty diapers were removed, I was thrown in and enjoyed a cold soak followed by a hot wash and double cold rinse.

          After I was done spinning, my owner threw me on the line, and I was dry in about 15 minutes. The owner asked me to inform you to please ignore the hot-mess of a picture above and also to not hold it against her that laundry is that exciting- I guess I make it easy for her....

Ok, so I'm kind of in a goofy mood today but really wanted to share my love for the Bum Essentials wetbags! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Not only are they practical , keeping the smell of dirty diapers at bay, but they also are color coordinated to the Bumbinos and  are reversible- so fun! The small wetbags are equally as fun! I ended up purchasing another one for on-the-go and now carry two small wetbages-one with clean diapers, and one for dirty in my diaper bag! I highly recommend these wetbags for their stink coverage as well as the awesome material. Even if you don't cloth diaper, they are amazing for dirty clothes and especially wet swim gear! 


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