Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordy Wednesday- NOT A BOX

For those of you that don't know, I have a background in early childhood education and taught kindergarten for five years. Because of this, I have a passion for children's literature. In an attempt to share my adoration with the world, I will be hosting "Wordy Wednesday" in which I share a beloved book and ideas on how you can use that book with your child. The first book that I want to share with you is Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.
In this book, the author appeals to, "Children everywhere siting in cardboard boxes." The main (and only character), a rabbit, shares with the readers all of the different possibilities that his imagination can come up with for his cardboard box.
Big Boy absolutely LOVES this book! The first time I read it to him he giggled at all of the illustrations and couldn't wait to get a box of his own. Here are some ideas on how to use this book with your preschooler:
1.) As you read the book with your child, ask him or her to point out the different ideas that rabbit comes up with.
2.) Once your child gets a feel for the rhythm of the book, let him or her help "read" the repeating line, "It's not a box!"
3. ) Give your child a box and watch his imagination flourish :)

PS- If you love this book as much as we do, you are also going to want to check out


  1. I am also a lover of children's literature. There is nothing like sharing a good book with your children and this is a great book. "Not a Stick" is also other book that we LOVE. My boys like to pretend their boxes are space shuttles zooming through space fighting alien life form :)