Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Easy Ways to Earn Extra $$ this Holiday Season

          SO, how many of you would like to earn some extra cash to help purchase Christmas gifts this year? I know our budget is pretty tight so I take advantage of every opportunity that I can to earn free stuff. Two of my favorite (and easy) ways to earn cash/ giftcards online are SWAGBUCKS and Sponsored Tweets.
 is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. To date, I have earned 17 $5 giftcards this year- yes, that's $85 worth of free merchandise just for searching the net (which most of you probably already do anyway). Ok, so it's not actual cash, but there are literally hundreds of prizes to be earned and seriously, if it's not on Amazon, you prob don't need it anyway. Basically, you sign up, download the tool bar, search and then win points for certain searches. I usually just search for sites I was already going to be visiting anyway like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and I always win at least twice a day! It sounds too good and easy to be true- but it really is THAT simple! If you're still not convinced, click here to visit their "How it Works" video tutorials to learn more. If you're ready to start winning- sign up here. :)

      My other favorite way to earn some extra cash is Sponsored Tweets. This application actually earns you direct paypal (although you can't withdraw until you reach $50 or you lose some of it). How many of you are already on twitter and tweeting daily anyway? Basically, you set up an account and then different advertisers offer you chances to tweet out ads for them. All tweets/ ads must first be approved by you so if there's a company you don't feel comfortable advertising for, you can simply decline. I've been using Sponsored Tweets for about 3 months now and have earned $25 in paypal. Simple, easy, and awesome to earn some extra $$ for this holiday season! Click here if you'd like to start earning today! 

     I hope at least a few of you will be able to take advantage of these awesome online opps and earn a few easy bucks- I know in our single-income home, ever dollar counts! 

Disclaimer- I do earn points for both applications if you should decide to sign up for either one. The original intent of the post is not to spam people, however, but to give my readers some ideas on how to earn extra money to help offset holiday costs. 


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