Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh-My-Gosh, My-Golly, Shutterfly has Made me JOLLY

          It seems that once one has children, the inevitable picture holiday card comes into play- I've been no exception to that rule. For some reason, however, I just wasn't feeling it this year.
      Maybe it's because of all that's been going on in the past few weeks; maybe it's because of my growing knowledge of photography and disdain for the typical pre-set glossy cards that everyone and their mother sends out; or maybe I'm just a grump this year- at any rate, I honestly was considering not sending out cards 
at all this year. But then, I read a post over at Samurai Strong's Blog.  
      In the post, the author wrote about an opportunity from Shutterfly,to get 50 free Holiday Photo Cards! Now she had my interest-who doesn't love free?  I immediately started perusing the Christmas Card section of Shutterfly's site 
and was totally impressed!    
      First off, the selection was just amazing! I spent a good two hours (no lie) browsing through the Christmas selection contemplating which would look best with my token Christmas picture of the boys. Seriously, there are so many classy designs available- go check it out for your self! Some of my favorites include: Color Me Merry ; Woodblock Joy ; and Mod Love.
     Second, I LOVE that they have the matte option for their stationary cards! The more I appreciate photography, the less I'm in love with gloss as is standard with most holiday card options. The fact that I can order my cards in the matte finish, is a huge plus in my book- it feels like it adds a bit of class. 
     Third, I appreciate that Shutterfly uses sustainably forested card stock to create their cards! It makes me happy to know that the paperproducts I am buying have come from environmentally friendly resources. 
     Finally, I was excited to learn about Shutterfly's many photo gift options (you know for the grandparents). An added bonus in having children is that it makes Christmas gift buying a bit easy in the grandparent department- what grandparents don;t love photo gifts? Shutterfly has a large selection of Christmas gifts available, including: mugs; calendars; and my personal favorite- photo books!
     So, have I convinced you to look into Shutterfly this year for gifts and cards? It's not too late to place those final orders. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, no worries, Shutterfly also has a wide selection of Holiday Cards (non-Christmas specific). 
    And since the majority of my readers probably won't get to see my final product, click here to see our family card this year :) I'm pretty proud of it I must say- it makes me giggle at each viewing... 
    So what are your plans for cards this year? Are you sending them? If so, what company did you order them from? I'd love for you to share your experiences with me :)

Just in case you missed the links in the above post, here's a list of links to the Shutterfly site that you might find helpful:

·         personal calendar  
·         photo cards

Disclaimer: The above post was originally written in order to satisfy the requirements to receive the promotional 50 free holiday cards from, however, the opinions expressed in the post are 100% my own and I am very excited about our cards this year! 


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